“BIC Pastors Learning Tour- In The Footsteps of Jesus” Hosted by: Pastor Matt Vincent January 19 - 29,2023


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Pastor rate   $ 2640
Spouse rate $ 3450
Regular rate $ 4640
Single room add $900


Day 1: Thu January 19, 2023     

 Depart from Toronto for Israel.  Overnight en route.

Day 2: Fri  January 20, 2023     Tel Aviv – Costal Plain

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport you will be met by Smile and a local Sunworld Tours Representative. Drive to the port city of Jaffa, where Peter stayed with Simon the Tanner. Walk around the renovated artist’s quarter and have a breathtaking view of the city of Tel Aviv. Transfer to your hotel and have a welcome dinner. 

Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv area  

Day 3: Sat January 21,2023       Coastal Plain – Galilee

Drive along the Mediterranean Coast to the Biblical City of Caesarea and tour the Aqueduct and the restored Roman Amphi theater. Proceed through Jezreel Valley to Muhraqa on Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged and defeated the 400 prophets of Baal. Continue to Megiddo the fortress city of King Solomon and where the final Battle of Armageddon will take place.  Dinner and Overnight at the Sea of Galilee. 

Day 4: Sun  January 22, 2023     Sea of Galilee

Dinner and overnight at the Sea of Galilee  Sail across the Sea of Galilee and visit the Boat Museum, to see the 2000 year old “Jesus Boat” which was discovered in 1986. Visit Capernaum where you will see the remains of Peter’s house and where Jesus chose to center His ministry. Tour the site of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Continue to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.   Dinner and Overnight at the Sea of Galilee. 

Day 5:Mon  January 23, 2023      Sea of Galilee

Start the day with Cana to visit the church where Jesus performed his first miracle. Continue to Nazareth church home of the holy family.  Visit the newly excavated site of Magdala a major first-century port on the Sea of Galilee a centre of trade and commerce, and an exporter of salted fish to markets as far away as Europe. End the day with a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee from Korazim area.  Dinner and Overnight at the Sea of Galilee. 

Day 6:Tue January 24,2023         Dead Sea

Start the day with Beit Shean to view the remains of this magnificent city - streets, impressive bathhouse, theater, and temples that have been restored at the foot of Tel Beit She'an biblical National Park. Travel to Kaser El Yehud baptismal site. Travel south along the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea. We will view Mount of Temptation and see Jericho. Visit Masada, the mountain fortress built by King Herod. Take a dip in the therapeutic, salt mineral waters of the Dead Sea. Then make the ascent up to Jerusalem as Pilgrims have done for centuries for the first view of the Holy City.  Dinner and Overnight in Jerusalem.  

Day 7: Wed January 25, 2023        Bethlehem– Jerusalem

Enter Bethlehem to visit the Church of Nativity and Shepherd’s Fields. Return to Jerusalem via Government Hill for a view of the Parliament. Visit the Israel Museum to see the Shrine of the Book. In this wing of the Israel Museum in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Jerusalem that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, view the Model of First Century Jerusalem.  Dinner and Overnight in Jerusalem.

 Day 8: Thu January 26, 2023      Jerusalem

Start the day spending some time at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Then, visit the City of David including Hezekiah’s Tunnel and the Pool of Siloam. Enter the Old City to visit the Davidson Centre which combines an exhibition of a rich archaeological content and computerized media, artifacts exhibitions, and an illustrated and visual exhibition. Walk on the Southern Wall Steps that led to the ancient temple. View Temple Mount and visit the Western Wall.  Walk through the Restored Jewish Quarter. Enjoy a night out to the Tower of David Night show on the walls of Jerusalem. Dinner and Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 9: Fri January 27, 2023     Jerusalem

Today ascend to the Mt of Olives for a view of the old city and the Golden Gate. Walk down the Palm Sunday path to the Garden of Gethsemane. Visit Mt. Zion including the Room of The Last Supper. End our touring day at the Garden Tomb.  Farewell Dinner tonight. Dinner and Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 10: Sat January 28, 2023  Jerusalem

Dinner and Overnight in Jerusalem.             

Day 11 Sun January 29, 2023 Departure

After breakfast transfer to Ben Gurion airport for your flight home.                                                                                            

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