About Us

Sunworld Tours specialize in designing, organizing and operating tours to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey for more than 35 years, for groups and individuals.


As an established wholesale tour operator we can provide the best services and rates for tours and vacations to each of these countries of the Beautiful and Historical Eastern Mediterranean. We are unique as a family tour company with offices in Canada and Israel serving clients from around the world. We have a great love for our country, firsthand knowledge and expertise that allows us to share it with others in the best way possible, as an experience as well as a tour. This also allows us to keep up with the latest changes, rates and quality of service and to add personal attention where not all others can.


Our local staff is involved in all aspects of the tour planning process and service while in the country. Our programs can be uniquely designed for each group or individual with personal attention to details and communication with the organizers.


We pick our suppliers very carefully for the best guides, buses, hotels and services for each client, thus offering security and confidence to our clients and industry partners.


We have worked hard over the years to earn an outstanding reputation for customer service and integrity in the travel industry, proven by our relationships with our customers and travel business suppliers.


If you are interested in a pilgrimage, vacation, business, study or specialty tour or program to the Cradles of Civilization we look forward to have you join us as a Travel Partner!